HR Software to Serve the Needs of Large Corporate Concerns

Large corporate entities must have human resource departments in order to handle the effective recruitment and placement of staff members, but that’s not all. The HR management function also entails evaluating employees, ensuring that the correct compensation is set in place, and also making sure that the training and skills development is kept current at all times.

Many might not realise it, but the function of the HR department is very important to the smooth running of a large company. In order to make sure that all departments are catered to by the HR department, HR software needs to be implemented to ensure that the various procedures and processes required are being followed, and that progress in all areas can be tracked.

At Talenger, we present professional HR software to large corporate companies looking to streamline their HR functions by implementing procedures and processes that can be tracked and monitored. By structuring processes and having access to the correct tools, the HR department will be able to look after the corporate company’s most valued asset: its people. The software that we have on offer has a user-friendly interface, making it simple for all department officials and employees to make use of.

Our HR software solution will make the following HR functions simpler:

  • Access to and sharing of information – the Talenger HR software makes it simple for teams, groups and individuals to gain access to and share information with each other. Each user’s access is soft configured according to module, pages and fields.
  • Self-service modules for employee administration – this module of the software package makes it quick and easy for employees to update their own information, authenticate themselves, apply for leave, view leave balances and a great deal more.
  • Job analysis and performance appraisals – all employees can be appraised and considered for upcoming posts by making use of the Job Profiler and Performance Manager modules.
  • Safety – ensuring that the business and its processes are compliant with the various safety acts and legislative regulations in place.
  • Remuneration and benefits for employees – employees need to be valued and compensated accordingly. HR departments need to know how to calculate competitive pay increases and set a process in place to evaluate each employee’s worth to the business.  Other functions that fall under this category include working out suitable health coverage rates and other funds, such as retirement and similar.


The software package is available online, which makes for easy remote access. Companies can also choose to have the software locally installed on the business computers. By automating human resource business process, many large companies have benefitted from improved productivity and efficiency.

Large corporate companies looking for an HR software solution need not look any further than Talenger. Our packages are designed to meet with the needs of growing concerns and can cater to even the largest and busiest of HR departments. If you would like to learn more about our HR software package, take the time to contact us at Talenger via email or telephone today.


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