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Payroll processing can become overwhelming for many businesses, especially if the company does not have a proper payroll software system in place. Whether you have a Payroll department or not, the process of payroll management should be designed to ensure that your business is always up to date in terms of statutory requirements.

Ensuring that your business is always legally compliant in terms of constantly changing statutory and legislative payroll requirements can be quite an overwhelming task for your Payroll team. Without the best payroll software, you could find that your company falls behind when it comes to compliance. At Talenger, we offer a payroll solution that can be used for in-house payroll administration or as an outsourced payroll solution.

What makes our payroll software better than the rest?

The Talenger Payroll Solution is a product that can be used standalone or seamlessly integrated with the Talenger Human Resources System. Payroll processing has simply never been easier. The system is easy to install and set-up, and just as easy to use. The system works via a series of menus and pop-up windows and is quite self-explanatory. Of course, there is a convenient support service online just in case you run into any problems or glitches along the way.

While the system is quick and easy to install and use, it certainly does not compromise in terms of features and functionality. It offers a wealth of standard reports and an excellent, easy to use report writer all with thorough documentation. It is fully compliant with all statutory requirements and while it requires minimal input from the user it guarantees efficiency and accuracy. The system is also designed to create as little disruption as possible to the administrative functions of your business when it is being incorporated for the first time.

When making use of the Talenger Payroll Software Package, you will find that you can accurately handle all of your UIF, IRP5, IT3A and SARS e-filing functions with ease. Staff loans and garnishees can be recorded and managed too. What’s more is that the system offers exceptional functionality in terms of capturing and recording industrial council returns, data integrity checks, standard reports and so much more. With call centre support and guaranteed security of your data, Talenger’s payroll solution provides beneficial functionality to many businesses already.

At Talenger, we are considered to be one of the leaders in human resource and payroll technology in South Africa. Since our doors opened for business in 1998, we have been working hard to ensure that we become a preferred provider to local businesses. We offer software packages that can be customised to each customer’s needs and our software solutions exceed the expectations of our clients in every instance.

If you are looking for payroll software that stands out from the rest, look no further! Talenger offers our clients access to the finest quality payroll solutions on the market. Simply take the time to chat to one of our friendly consultants about our payroll software and discover why Talenger should be your first and only choice. We are available via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements.

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