Payroll Software Solutions Designed Specifically for Large Business Entities

Large businesses simply cannot afford to waste time and money on inferior quality payroll systems. If systems are quick, efficient and accurate, the bottom line is being affected. At Talenger, we often encounter large corporations looking for a real all-in-one payroll solution. One that takes care of payroll business and frees up department employee’s time through efficiency and easy to use processes. Scalable and flexible payroll solutions are required for large corporations and entities.

Payroll software for large business entities is essential to guarantee processing accuracy and, of course, legal compliance on all levels. Corporate payroll solutions presented to the market by Talenger are designed to process payroll tasks quickly and easily, and can cater to the most complex requirements. Our payroll solution is easy to use and absolutely simple to set-up. It is also easily integrated with any existing human resources system.

Choosing payroll software for large business is not easy. Firstly, you need to find a reputable software brand that offers data security and protection. You also need to ensure that the software can effectively import your payroll data from your existing payroll program without losing any data or suffering any glitches along the way. The system should also be provided with easy to reach expert support – just in case the payroll department encounters any problems along the way.

The Talenger payroll solution software package is designed to handle all aspects of payroll processing for the HR department. This allows departments to focus more on efficiency, thereby ensuring other pertinent tasks are addressed and handled. Some of the functions and features of our payroll software includes:

  • Full compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Staff members can view and print their own payslips.
  • Simple data capturing methods.
  • Provision of reports.
  • Built-in UIF certificates.
  • Multiple uploads of EFT payments.
  • Accurate tax and benefit calculations.
  •  EMP 201 processing.
  • Certificates for IRP5 and IT3A.
  • Management of staff loans and garnishees.
  • Regular system updates according to the latest legislative changes.
  • Processing of industrial council returns.
  • Data security and regular data integrity checks.
  • Constant call centre support.


Management teams that are considering our payroll software for large business can benefit from requesting a presentation from one of our consultants. We will ensure that you are shown precisely how the system works and how to access all of its various features and functions. All large businesses need to ensure that their systems and processes are kept up to date and this can only be done by making sure that all HR and payroll procedures are up to date too.

If you are looking for payroll software for large business, take the time to get in touch with us at Talenger. We are available to discuss your specific needs and will present you with all of the information and advice you need regarding our software, thereby allowing you to make an informed decision. All corporate management teams are encouraged to find out more about our software packages, solutions and services today.


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