Simplify Administrative Tasks with Payroll Systems Customised to the Needs of Your Business

Generally speaking, payroll systems are designed and then set up in order to manage various HR tasks. These systems are crucial to freeing up time for strategically and proactively growing and developing the business in its most important and profitable departments / areas. Once set up and customised, your payroll system can archive payslips for employees, archive monthly reports and ensure that your payment history is recorded accurately. The system can be used and automated to pay employees on time. Each employee payment is done according to parameters that you have set which means that there is no room for human error when making use of a professional payroll system.

Payroll tasks and responsibilities can be time consuming for your HR department. By investing in a payroll system you will be ensuring that your team members are better equipped to be more efficient and effective with their duties. Below we have detailed a few of the advantages of using payroll systems:

  • Professional software will effectively manage employee taxes such as PAYE, UIF, Skills Development Levies and Workers Compensation Administration and so on.
  • Quick and easy access to up-to-date employee files and information – modern payroll systems will allow employees to update their personal details as they change. Payroll systems can save each employee’s leave, benefits and so on. This saves the HR department a great deal of time in the long run.
  • All sensitive data can be saved securely on the cloud-based storage – many companies are faced with data breaches or loss of data due to system failure or human error. Payroll systems that are web-based store all of the required information online, which means that there is never a hard copy at risk on your company computers. Such payroll systems certainly offer a greater element of security for your company.


Leading payroll systems certainly simplify HR and payroll processes for departments. With the click of a button you can transfer funds via all major banks, manage employee loans and plan budgets. Keeping on top of your employee payments, benefits, leave and so on, will simply never be easier.

Where do you find the most efficient and sought after payroll systems on the market?

At Talenger, we offer state-of-the-art payroll and HR systems to suit the needs of companies of all backgrounds and natures. Simply get in touch with our team and we will advise you on the products and services that you require. Once the Talenger system is up and running, we will be right there to assist you should you encounter any trouble shooting problems or need some after sales advice and guidance.

If you are looking for the right payroll systems to consider for your company, consider what we have to offer at Talenger. Our products are designed specifically for large corporations and busy concerns and we are confident that the Talenger product range will effortlessly meet with your needs and requirements. To learn more about our payroll and HR systems, contact us at Talenger via email or telephone today.

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